PILOTDIARY Honeycomb Honey Straw Kit

About this item

  • ALL-IN-ONE: Including everything you can see in the picture. With embedded silicone jar, wax mat and cleaning brush, much more convenient for on the go!
  • ALL-SILICONE: Absolutely unbreakable design! Brand new design for prevent from glass cracking. If you always break your glass piece, this one would be the best choice!
  • MATERIAL: All Pilot Diary silicone products are made with food-grade, high-quality non-stick silicone.
  • BEST WAY TO CLEAN: Denatured alcohol in a jar. Immerse the product then swish the jar. Add a handful of kosher salt and shake vigorously to abrade the film away. Remove from alcohol and rinse with hot water. Perfect for purpose use!
  • PILOTDIARY – 24 hours customer service, feel free to contact us

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