Elements Rice Paper Pre-Rolled Cones

Elements Pre-Rolled Cones | If you are a heavy toker and want adequately sized cones to fulfill your needs then you have found the right type of cone for you! These cones are 100% windmill powered and built to give a top of the line experience.
Origins | Rice papers contain no chemicals which makes them the top choice for us! These are not made with standard pulp or hemp, the result of this makeup is a premium slow burning session from an impressively thin paper.
Slow Burn | Burns Slowly, Clean, and Evenly Everytime. Rolling Supreme’s patented run-preventing watermark system with cross-weave patterning and vertical lines which result in a uniform and slow burning smoking session.
Functional | Depending how tight you pack the contents and how finely the dry material is ground you can pack between 1 – 1.3 grams if it is a 1 1/4 paper. If it is a king size paper it will hold between 1.6 – 2.2 grams.
What You Get | 900 Elements 1 1/4 Size Ultra Thin Rice Paper pre-rolled Cones which come in 2 Stacks of 25 cones and Their Packing Sticks. Also included is the air tight container in order to store your cones.

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